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Like the rest of the range, the GS has been designed specifically to square up against the more established competition.

So, we have the BMW 3 Series-rivalling Lexus IS at one end and the 7 Series-rivalling Lexus LS at the other. Sitting in the middle of the executive crowd is this, the Lexus GS.

It’s not the most stand-out of models offered by the Lexus brand; there’s very little that stands out from the GS’s design, but for many buyers who don’t like to show off too much, the anonymity offered by the GS is a welcome alternative to the somewhat showy German alternatives.

Two engines are offered in the GS locally, a 3.0-litre V6 with 245bhp or a 4.3-litre V8 with 345bhp. If you’re looking at the GS as a car in which to travel the length and breadth of the region on a daily basis, we’d recommend stretching the extra 60,000AED to the bigger engined car – so long as you can afford it, naturally.

The more potent engine provides more urgent acceleration, which can be an added bonus when you find yourself needing to get out of a tricky situation in a bit of a rush. With active cruise control, the car will happily swallow under thousands of kilometres a week without any fuss at all.

Space is good for those in the front and back, but as is the case with any car that is rear-wheel drive, the person sat in the middle of the rear bench will find that legroom is somewhat compromised by the transmission tunnel that runs through the length of the car. Luggage space is more than ample for the whole family or every executive’s favourite – the golf bag.

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