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2010 Lexus ES350









The ES stands out a little from the rest of the Lexus line-up as it is a front-wheel drive car, whereas the rest of the company’s line-up is either rear or four-wheel drive.

In fact, rather than being developed from the ground up as a new model – as most Lexus sedans are – the ES is based on every taxi driver’s favourite set of wheels, the Toyota Camry.

However, Lexus has tried its hardest to distance the ES from its common roots by throwing the usual amounts of luxury and technology fineries at the car. It’s a valiant effort, but in our mind it doesn’t do enough to make the ES stand out more than just being a posh Camry.

The ES has been around in its current form since 2007, though Lexus introduces minor trim or features every year to keep the car feeling fresh. Equipment levels are much higher in the ES than they are in the Camry with an excellent Mark Levinson stereo, adaptive cruise control, DVD navigation and a rear-view camera to help parking. Power is provided by a 272bhp, 3.5-litre V6 engine.

It’s a pretty plain looking car; this is a four-door sedan that you could easily lose in a busy mall carpark as there’s nothing that really stands out on the car’s design. Still, it provides a comfortable and safe way to get about town and has enough space for the full compliment of driver and four passengers – it is a Camry after all. The boot big enough for the family shop and everyone has enough space to move around without causing too many family arguments on a long drive.

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