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2010 Land Rover Defender

Increasingly strict legislation is unfortunately marking the end of one of the most iconic 4x4s ever to turn a wheel – the is soon to be outlawed.

Unlike the Jeep Wrangler, which only harks back to its historic roots in styling terms, the Defender follows extremely close to the Series I of 1948.

2010 Land Rover Defender cabin

The 2010 Land Rover Defender is an machine through and through and therefore should only be considered by those who can make full advantage of its abilities, or can put up with its limitations on road. It’s slow, noisy and for anyone of reasonable stature, rather uncomfortable. The 2.4-litre diesel engine has been designed to provide lots of low-end torque to help the Defender pull itself out of the most extreme conditions. It’s certainly not designed for acceleration and top speed.

There are no concessions for those who don’t want to be fully involved in their driving in the Defender – it’s only available as a six-speed manual and there’s an extra gear stick for engaging the low-range gearbox. No Terrain Response System fitted here we’re afraid. That means that you really have to know what you’re doing with a Defender off road to get the best out of it. You can’t just select ‘gravel mode’ and let the car set itself up in the best possible manner for you.

2010 Land Rover Defender cabin

Two versions of 2010 Land Rover Defender are offered – the smaller four-seat Defender 90 and the seven-seater Defender 110. There is a radio – with iPod connectivity no less – fitted as standard, but think of it as provided more of a background music track, rather than something to listen to the subtle nuances of music on. Engine, transmission, tyre and wind noise are ever-present in the Defender.

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