Aston Martin plans new DB9 and Vantage

Posted on Jun 12, 2010 by
Aston Martin's One-77 which is expected to inspire the new DB9 and Vantage

's which is expected to inspire the new DB9 and Vantage

After adding the Rapide super sedan and the limited edition One-77 super car to the range, Aston Martin will now focus on the legendary DB9 and the Vantage.

Seriously revised models of both are being planned with an expected launch in 2013/2014, according to UK mag Autocar.

The new models will not be completely new and will continue to be built on Aston Martin’s existing VH platform to save the cost of complete re-engineering. However they will be thoroughly modified versions of the existing cars with changes to the chassis, engines, exterior and interior.

Styling of the new models is reported to be inspired from the limited edition One-77. The carmaker is also aiming to cut weight by 10 percent to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions for meeting stricter emission regulations of the future.

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