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As it stands, 2010 will be the last year that the Commander is going to be offered for sale as ’s new owners Fiat have no immediate plans to replace it.

Therefore, if you’re after a big Jeep that can really tackle the tough stuff now is your last chance.

Think of the Jeep Commander as a Grand Cherokee that had a few hard knocks in its later years – though bizarrely looks like a Cherokee that’s been blown up on a photocopier. It uses a stretched version of the Grand Cherokee’s platform, but does away with the pandering to on-road driving enjoyment instead focussing more on abilities.

Different four-wheel drive systems are offered depending on which trim level you go for. Serious off-roaders should go for the Commander Limited as it features Jeep’s Quadra-Drive II system which features electronic limited slip differentials to ensure power only goes to the wheels with the most grip – thereby ensuring good process in tricky conditions. The Limited version features the 4.7-litre V8 engine, which has a decent 453Nm slug of torque available from a low 3950rpm to ensure the best of abilities off road.

The more road-orientated Overland model features lots of chrome and leather and the more potent 5.7-litre V8. If highways are your terrain, then the Overland should be your Commander of choice.

Although there are a pair of additional seats in the back, they aren’t the most comfortable even for children to sit in for long periods, therefore you’d be better off putting the large load bay to load – rather than people – carrying duties.

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