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2010 BYD F6

2010 F6

The F6 is BYD’s flagship model in the Middle East.

It is a mid-size sedan that, like the smaller F3, gives a lot of car for a reasonable sum of money. In terms of design the F6 borrow heavily on exterior and interior styling of the previous generation Honda Accord, to the extent that some could (and often do) refer to it as a rip-off.

A Mitsubishi 2.4-litre 163bhp four-cylinder engine powers the front wheel drive F6 via a five-speed automatic transmission with tiptronic function. Interior space is on par with the previous generation Honda Accord but quality of materials and the fit leaves a lot to be desired. Even the doors and the boot lid do not close with the same assuring thud as in the Honda Accord.

However, buyers might choose to overlook the F6’s shortcomings when they hear of its bargain price of 63,280AED and the amount of standard equipment the sedan comes with. Features include alloy wheels, leather seats and steering, power mirrors with LED turn lights, power sunroof, dual-zone climate control, “follow me home” headlamps, cruise control, DVD player and rear parking sensors.

The 2010 F6 gets a new integrated GPS navigation system with a dashboard-mounted screen. Safety kit includes dual airbags and ABS with EBD. Despite the apparent value that the F6 provides its sales in the region have not taken off. Reasons include a limited dealer network, lack of brand image and concerns over the car’s long-term reliability and safety.

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