2010 BYD F3 | new car review

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2010 BYD F3


The F3 is a compact sedan from Chinese carmaker .

Not famous for design ingenuity, the F3 is almost identical to the Toyota Corolla from the front while it makes you think of the previous generation Honda City when seen from the rear.

In fact many of the F3’s body panels are interchangeable with the Corolla. The car is powered by a Mitsubishi 1.6-litre engine, which produces 99bhp. While the power figure might seem low the engine only has to lug 1,200kg.

The F3 in the 2010 model year is only available with a four-speed automatic transmission as the manual gearbox versions did not fare well in the Middle East market. Moreover, only the fully loaded F3 is available and includes a lot of kit considering its bargain price of 41,830AED. Leather seats and steering, power windows, alloy wheels, power sunroof, power rear view mirrors and rear parking sensors are standard fitment.

The interior of the F3 is immediately recognisable as that of the Corolla but does not come close to the latter’s build quality or the fit and finish. A useful feature is the 60/40 split rear seat which gives more flexibility while carrying odd shaped luggage. Basic safety kit on the F3 includes dual front airbags and ABS with EBD.

Considering the F3’s price and the equipment it comes with, it would be unfair to compare it to other compact sedans. Aimed at the extremely budget conscious buyer the F3 sells well in its home market but in the Middle East buyers remain concerned over it long term reliability, service backup, safety and lack of image.

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  1. frank Reply

    September 23, 2011 at 9:00 am

    I just want to inquire if BYD f3 2008 model has an automatic drive version. Or which particular mitshibushi brand can match the engine compactment of BYD? Is it possible to convert my manual BYD to automatic drive? These questions are neccessary so I take a right descition

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