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The Veyron EB 16.4 is an ultra-exclusive produced by at Molsheim, France.

The Veyron is named after a 1939 Bugatti racecar driver and was built to be the most powerful and fastest production car in the world. In 2008 Bugatti introduced the Grand Sport, which apart from small tweaks to the windshield and running lights and a removable hood, shares the specifications of the standard Veyron.

The 16.4 in the name stands for the colossal 8.0-litre W16 (sixteen cylinders) engine which with the help of four turbochargers belts out an enormous 987bhp and a road churning 1,250Nm of torque. With so much power at its disposal the Veyron has been clocked doing the 0 to 100kph dash in 2.4 seconds and hit top velocity of 408kph.

The Grand Sport matched the hard top Veyron’s performance with the hood up but is limited to 369kph with the hood down. To keep the big engine and the car’s other components cool at speed the Veyron employs a total of ten radiators.

Veyron designers have not compromised on equipment or cabin luxuries in order to keep weight down. The lavish interior is well equipped and known to insulate occupants from road and wind noise even at high speeds.

Various special edition models of the Veyron and Grand Sport have been built. Owing to the popularity of the supercar in the Middle East, Bugatti introduced three special edition models built exclusively for the region at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show. The one-off Veyron Sang d’Argent, the Grand Sport Soleil de Nuit and the five car limited edition Veyron “Nocturne” were available for delivery in the Middle East during the first quarter of 2010, priced between 7.7 million AED and 9.2 million AED.

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