Bugatti developing an electric version of the Veyron

Posted on Jun 1, 2010 by
An electric version of Bugatti's Veyron is in the works

An electric version of 's Veyron is in the works

The mighty will soon sport an electric avatar if reports by U.K’s Auto Express are to be believed. The Volkswagen group company is supposedly developing an all-electric variant of the Veyron supercar which will sport two electric motors capable of producing 800bhp.

Electric cars are known for their high torque and the electric Veyron will boast of 2,200Nm of thrust, good enough for astonishing acceleration figures.

However, since the electric supercar will run on batteries, it will consumer charge rapidly and suffer from an acutely short range. This is why sources at Bugatti have indicated that the electric Veyron project is solely a technology demonstration and the car might never make it to production. That is till the time electric storage technology improves and provides for a practical, real world range

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