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has really raised its game with the i30 – a mid-size family aimed at the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Honda Civic. It was launched in Europe and Korean back in 2008 and made its way to the Middle East in 2009. Unlike past small cars from Korean-based , the i30 has been designed and tuned for European tastes. Therefore, driving involvement is at the forefront of the i30’s thinking, rather than just being another cheap-and-cheerful car to sell in large quantities.

It’s been designed with a conservative attitude in mind – compared to Honda’s space age Civic, the i30 looks particularly dour. But not everybody wants to shout too loudly about the car they drive – certainly not in a Hyundai hatchback.

There’s a choice of two engines – a 121bhp 1.6-litre, or a larger 2.0-litre with 143bhp. Both versions are fitted with Hyundai’s four-speed automatic gearbox and drive the front wheels. The entry level i30 is a little sparse on the equipment, though it does feature manual air-conditioning and a cooled glove box.

Niceties such as keyless entry and a leather steering wheel feature on the GLS version, with leather upholstery marking out the full-option GLS from the crowd. Hyundai has worked hard to improve the i30s driving behaviour compared to its predecessor, the Accent, which is still on sale in the region.

The cabin will fit five people – it’s a little bit cramped in the back, but no worse than many of the i30’s competitors – and there’s a straight forward centre console with logically placed controls for the air-conditioning and stereo system.

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