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There was a time when Hyundai was on its own in selling an affordable two-door coupe as part of its mainstream line-up. However, in the past couple of years we’ve seen a vast array of alternatives arrive on the market – there’s Nissan’s Altima Coupe, the Honda Accord Coupe and the Kia Cerato Koup to name just three. Hyundai itself has introduced another coupe to its stable in the shape of the Genesis Coupe – however, that car is a very different machine from this original coupe – it’s rear-wheel drive for a start.

This front-wheel drive Hyundai Coupe has been sold in many markets around the world since 2002. However, it’s undergone numerous facelifts and tweaks over the years and is now a 2009 model. It’s a pretty impressive looking machine – at it’s original launch its styling was compared to that of a Ferrari 456GT because of its sculptures side profile, rear arches and curved roof.

However, the resemblances to an Italian stallion end there – mainly due to the fact that the Coupe is offered with just two engine choices, neither of which is a fire-breathing V8. The most potent engine is the 2.7-litre V6 with 167bhp, though the four-speed automatic gearbox takes a significant portion of that power away from the wheels. It’s much more of a cruiser than an out-and-out sports car, but remains a cheap-and-cheerful alternative to many other coupes on the market. Even though it’s slower, it’s arguably the 2.0-litre that’s the sweeter choice.

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