Audi unveils lighter and more powerful R8 GT

Posted on May 2, 2010 by
Audi R8 GT


Audi has unveiled a top-of-the-line performance version of the acclaimed R8 sports car.

Called the R8 GT this version is 100kg lighter than the standard V10 R8 and also packs in more power.

A plethora of weight saving measures including a thinner windshield, polycarbonate rear windows, carbon fibre and aluminium body panels, lighter carpeting etc have been used to reduce the standard R8’s bulk.

Audi’s engineers have also managed to extract 35bhp more from the stock 5.2-litre V10 engine which produces 560bhp under the R8 GT’s hood. The increased power and reduced weight result in enhanced performance and Audi claims that the GT can hit 0-100kph in just 3.6 seconds and 200kph in 10.6 seconds.

The R8 GT is a limited-edition model of which only 333 units will ever be built. In Germany the supercar will sell for $256,000 or approximately 940,200AED. There is currently no information on when the R8 GT will be available in the Middle East.

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