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2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 Italia is a two-seater sports car and a successor to the F430.

Designed by legendary design house Pininfarina, the Ferrari F458 Italia employs futuristic design cues inspired by the Enzo and the Ferrari Formula 1 cars, coupled with space age materials and cutting edge technology. Sculpted in a series of venturi tunnels the F458 uses a host of aerodynamic aids like perforated body panels and movable wings to make it cut through the air as efficiently as possible.

The name 458 denotes the naturally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 engine, which belts out 570bhp at a dizzying 9,000rpm, while the Italia suffix comes from Ferrari’s sense of pride to name it after its homeland. In terms of efficiency this engine has the highest power output per litre of all naturally aspirated petrol engines in the world. Thanks to the extremely high redline, Ferrari says the 458 Italia has an exhaust note like that of a F1 car at speed.

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

Compared to the F430 that it replaces, the mid-engine F458 offers higher level of performance and comfort. Using a double-clutch seven-speed gearbox, Ferrari claims the 2010  can make it from 0 to 100 kph in about 3.4 seconds and onwards to a top whack of about 330 kph.

The Ferrari 458 Italia has no manual gearbox option and uses E-diff 3, the latest version of Ferrari’s electronic differential to manage the engine’s power effectively.

Apart from the , which is on sale now, Ferrari is reportedly developing a variant as well. The 458 Italia is the next generation Ferrari and aims to offer thoroughbred sportscar performance along with high level of occupant comfort.

The car’s interior was designed using inputs from F1 driver Michael Schumacher and includes a new steering wheel design which incorporates many features and controls as opposed to them being on the dashboard.

2010 Ferrari F458 Italia

Price (AED): 910,000
Engine: 4.5-litre V8
Max power (bhp/rpm): 570/9,000
Max torque (Nm/rpm): 540/6,000
Transmission: Seven-speed dual clutch automatic
Driven wheels: Rear wheel drive
Kerb weight: 1,485kg

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