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There are some rather cunning design features behind the , making it look a whole lot different, and bigger, than the other cars that it shares its basic platform with.

Owned by Ford, the Volvo car shares, as a cost-saving exercise, the same chassis as the other Ford models, namely the Ford Focus and the Mazda 3. Both the Focus and the 3 are sold as compact sedans or hatchbacks, but both of these cars seem to look smaller than the S40, and that’s where the cunning design comes in. Unlike its cousins, the S40 looks that little bit larger and more luxurious, cheekily popping into the segment above, but without the extras on the price tag.

The S40 was launched in 2005 to some well-received critical acclaim, and building on that success and a quality original design, Volvo face-lifted the car in 2008. So, the basic design could be said to be getting a little old, but with the refresh and the decent original underpinnings, you are still buying a nicely modern car, and one that has just has the latest redesign treatment from the designers at Volvo.

2009 Volvo S40And, for a car that has been around for a few years, and recently refreshed, you can be almost certain that any glitches have been well ironed-out and the entire design is firing on all cylinders.

Solid, understated and very clean-looking, the S40 has a premium feel to its look and design that other cars in this segment will find hard to match. That Volvo face cannot be mistaken and that style element on its own will always reassure buyers in all the right ways. Take into account the rest of the nicely understated bodywork and you’ve got a premium compact sedan that is certainly very appealing to a certain type of customer.

These more reserved customers are already well aligned to the Volvo brand, so it is with this new design ethos that Volvo are hoping to attract some new and hopefully younger buyers to their brand. Only time will tell on this one.

2009 Volvo S40Volvo will always struggle against the big German brands in this region; with the likes of BMW and Mercedes having an almost unassailable foothold in the Middle East, with customers completely convinced of the quality and look-at-me-value of the German brands. With any luck Volvo will attract the type of people who value individuality as much as anything else.

Although base prices for the S40 are quite high, compared with, say a Ford Focus, you do get that great safety record as standard; something that many buyers will consider priceless, especially if they are ferrying their families around. There is a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder, petrol-engine’d S40 at the very entry-level of the range, and this is the cheapest S40 that you can buy.

2009 Volvo S40 It won’t be fast, or particularly luxurious, but it will be a very competent car in terms of safety, relative interior space and generally good on-road dynamics. You will then also be the proud owner of something a little different than the neighbour’s car, and that’s never a bad thing.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power(bhp)Torque(Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 93,000-140,000

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