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attempted to take a big step away from their dull, safety-conscious image with the funky little C30, and in a lot of ways they seem to have done the trick.

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with having this safety-conscious image, an image that they have built-up over many years of developing the most advanced automotive safety systems available, within their vehicles. However, there has always been that bit of a joke, from ‘outsiders’ to the Volvo brand, that their cars are a little, well, boring – those that consistently buy and own Volvo cars will tell you that they are safe, solid and reliable, but that is like preaching to the converted.

So, with the C30 it was all about grabbing the attention of the automotive-world, and hopefully grabbing some fresh, new and preferably young buyers into the brand. Apart from the instantly recognizable family Volvo face, the C30 is about as far away from the generic Volvo look of old as you can get.

2009 Volvo C30And that’s exactly what Volvo wanted – when the car was launched in 2008, Volvo made a very big deal of the funky styling of their new entry-level compact . The C30 looks solid, sporting and well in-touch with the road thanks to deep, slab-side metalwork and high shoulders with a gently decreasing side glass area sloping away to the back of the car.

But, it is most certainly the rear end of the car that gets the most attention, and it is this area that generally provokes one of those love it or hate it automotive moments. The choice is yours in that respect, but rest assured, should you buy this car you will be different from the crowds, especially in the Middle East where Volvos are still a rare sight.

2009 Volvo C30The C30 interior space is about right considering its exterior footprint; this hatchback will take four adults, but
they might find things a little tight in the back, but this isn’t a limo; it’s a hatchback. The interior could be considered a little bland, where others would simply say that it is minimalist and tasteful; again the choice is yours. But, little tricks like the ‘floating’ centre console add small dashes of interest to the inner space, and should you really wish to spruce things up, you could always hit the options list.

Standard features within the C30 include cloth upholstery, power windows, trip computer and a CD/radio audio system. Standard safety features include ABS brakes, front airbags, side-curtain airbags, and a whiplash protection system. All are systems which Volvo know inside and out, and that all come together to make the C30 feel like a safe place to be.

2009 Volvo C30Engine options are reasonable with three choices here in the Middle East, two of them using a five-cylinder, inline configuration which offers a nice and torquey, smooth engine feel. If the budget can stretch then the 2.5-litre turbocharged car could be well worth a look, offering a nice turn of performance for this small car. Funky and safe – a new era for Volvo?


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 94,000-130,000

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