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The VW Touareg brings together a very useful, practical and luxurious combination of on and off-road capability, interior space and yet another trademark gorgeous VW interior.

This most certainly is a luxury sports utility vehicle, but it also has the necessary under-skin mechanicals to tear it up in the desert, too. Mechanicals that include low-range gearing, locking differentials and a decent amount of ground clearance. All of these gadgets do add an extra premium to the price of the Touareg, but even if you don’t use them, it’s nice to know that they’re there.

But, especially in this region, buyers in the market will look for these types of desert tools, knowing full well what they do, so for a serious off-road enthusiast with some fairly serious cash, this luxury SUV from VW is an excellent bet. And when you do hit the tarmac, the desert kit disengages and the Touareg turns into a very well-mannered road-tripper.

2009 Volkswagen TouaregA highly engineered chassis and suspension set-up hides underneath the nicely proportioned SUV body, with its flowing curves, futuristic headlights and taillights and generous touches classy chrome. When you are done with the sandy stuff and you’re hitting the hard stuff, you simply hit a switch and the ride-height drops 25mm and the suspension firms up, enabling you to attack and soak-up the bends in a sporting manner that belies the car’s size, mass and weight – a neat trick that really transforms the Touareg between two different kinds of vehicle. An off-road bruiser with impeccable manners.

VW really went to town on the Touareg interior, and their years of experience in getting the inner space right really shows in this SUV; and that’s why you will see a good number on the UAE roads.

2009 Volkswagen Touareg The materials and surfaces exude quality at every touch and feel, whilst all the switchgear is perfectly weighted and solid feeling. Even the in-car entertainment system is capable of popping your eardrums with high quality, loud and rich sounds. There is no seven-seat option however, with this VW only taking five passengers, but for a smaller family there is plenty of comfortable interior space.

Engines within the big VW range from good, all the way to awesome, with a useable 3.6-litre, V6 petrol unit on the bottom rung making 280bhp and 360Nm of torque, and a very pleasant 4.2-litre, V8 petrol motor on the next step up making 350bhp and 440Nm of torque.

2009 Volkswagen TouaregBut, the power-plant to really impress the guys at the tennis club is the 6.0-litre, V12 petrol monster that makes an almost ridiculous 450bhp and 600Nm of torque. If you are as serious about drag racing all the way to Abu Dhabi, as you are about driving up sheer cliffs, then this is the engine for you. With that kind of the power, the world is your oyster, both on the road, and of it.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power(bhp)Torque(Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 155,000 onwards

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