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The was launched into the Middle East market in 2007 and was surely hoping to cash in with some sales success off the back of its big brother, the Touareg’s good reputation and relative success here.

It’s a little plainer in the looks department than the bigger, more commanding Touareg, and some might say that it doesn’t really look funky enough to compete strongly in the trendy compact Sports Utility Vehicle market. Time will tell on that one. It does, however, show that certain level of VW build quality that could well appeal to buyers that yearn for a Touareg, but can’t quite stretch their budget to fit one.

VW have really put their marketing machinery into full swing with the Tiguan SUV, offering a Sport & Style package that is aimed at customers who rarely plan to take their Tiguan away from the safety of the tarmac highways, and the Track & Field package for those drivers out there who are a bit more keen on the fun stuff away from the city streets and into the sand.

2009 Volkswagen TiguanThe main difference being the depth of the front bumper – the city car has a more traditionally deep front bumper, as you’d expect to see on a city car, with the ‘off-roader’ Track & Field model sporting a more raked front bumper that will give the driver more useable ground clearance as they approach steep assents. This could well be a bit of a marketing gimmick, as the alleged off-roader has none of the low-range gearing to work with the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system, required to do anything other than a bit of token dirt track driving, so whether or no the new car-buying public are fooled by this remains to be seen.

The Tiguan is offered with two specs of engine to satisfy customer’s needs; both of them are 2-litre, four-cylinder petrol units that make 170bhp and 200bhp, respectively, tuned to different levels, but running the same overall capacity. The “twincharger” system boasts two exhaust-driven turbochargers that work together to produce extra ‘boost’, or engine air intake pressure and so making more useable torque at lower revs.

2009 Volkswagen TiguanThe engines produce 210Nm and 280Nm respectively; not bad for small, fuel efficient engines, and that torque will come in hand for the rough stuff. The engines are partnered to six-speed automatic gearboxes that can hold onto the gears in offroad conditions that require an extra ‘attack’ of climbing power.

Like to Touareg, the Tiguan has seating for five adults, with a decent amount of comfort and space around them, with a split-folding 60/40 rear seat, as well as an optional double-floor trunk-floor system, including a cargo management system that swallows as much luggage as possible.

The cabin can be optioned in cloth or leather, with many customers choosing the leather option thanks to VW’s fantastic quality standards in the area. Features include power windows, electric mirrors, multiple airbags, stability control, ABS brakes, cruise control and radio/CD stereo with a dash-mounted touch screen.

2009 Volkswagen TiguanA quite well-rounded ‘soft-roader’ that maybe lacks the visual punch of other cars in the segment, but one that can always rely on VW’s excellent reputation.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 103,000 onwards

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