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When is a Passat not a Passat? When it’s a Passat CC, of course.

Despite a highly confusing name, the Passat CC is neither a variant of the Passat seen on the previous page, or a coupe-convertible. Quite why Volkswagen decided to name it as such is a mystery. Other than being based on the same platform as the regular Passat, the CC shares little in common with it.

Instead, the Passat is a more upmarket sedan than its namesake, and the CC part stands for Comfort-Coupe. It’s a sedan designed to look like a coupe, you see, much in the mould of the Mercedes-Benz CLS. It stands between the Passat and the Phaeton in Volkswagen’s sedan range. The looks are comparable to the CLS – it has a similar profile, which sees the roof swoop down towards the back. Great for style, not so good for headroom in the back. It’s longer and wider than the Passat, but lower, for a sportier look.

2009 Volkswagen Passat CCUnlike the regular Passat, the CC is strictly a four seater, with sculpted seats in the back leaving no room for a
middle passenger. The interior is well appointed – as good a quality as one expects from Volkswagen, but with more emphasis on style and sophistication than the standard Passat. Three versions of the Passat CC are available in the region. The basic version comes with fabric seats, front and rear parking sensors, front fog lights and a very clever bit of technology called Park Assist.

Ideal for those that hate parallel parking, this uses sensors on the side of the car to identify a suitable space. Press a button, and the steering wheel moves on its own to maneuvre the car into the gap – all the driver needs to do is press the accelerator and brake.

2009 Volkswagen Passat CCThere are two high-spec versions. Both feature leather seats, a sunroof, 18-inch wheels and keyless entry. The lower-priced version includes satellite navigation and a rear-view camera, a CD changer and Bluetooth, but does not have Park Assist. For 5,000dhs more, the top-spec version has no rear-view camera or CD changer, but does have Park Assist, as well as electrically adjustable seats.

Engine wise, there is a choice of two. The first is a turbocharged 1.8-litre with 160bhp and either a manual gearbox or Volkswagen’s six-speed, twin-clutch DSG gearbox, which provides faster, smoother changes than a regular automatic. The second engine option is a turbocharged 2.0-litre with 200bhp, attached to either a manual ‘box or a regular six-speed automatic.

2009 Volkswagen Passat CCWhether Volkswagen has the prestige attached to its name – or the Passat name, for that matter – to be able to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS is a dilemma best left to potential customers. But the Passat CC is a stylish and well-appointed machine that, taken on its own merits, should be looked on very favourably.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 125,000 onwards

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