2009 Volkswagen Golf

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Incredibly the VW Golf is now in its sixth incarnation, making it one of the best selling and most loved and respected cars of all time, and with the MK6 variant, VW hope to build on that love, respect and success.

So, for the new Golf things have not changed a great deal from the previous car; it’s a little cleaner, more refined, economical and safer than ever. As always the VW Golf represents the perfect choice for those that strongly believe in VW’s ethos of outstanding quality and safety, as well as the company’s flair for understated design.

Even after all these years the Golf still makes a strong personal statement about who you think you are and where you’d like to position yourself in society, and even though it is not a particularly expensive car, it is driven by the rich and not so rich alike.

2009 Volkswagen GolfThe new Golf carries on the clean, tidy and uncluttered theme of the preceding model, and after so many years of constant evolution, development and refinement, it is little wonder that the VW Golf has gently, over time, turned into one of the most pleasant to look and satisfying to drive cars that you can buy today.

The new facial area is more and more in keeping with the rest of the family looks with stretched oval headlights, a dark and unobtrusive front grille area and a large and prominent VW badge proudly on display.

All of this makes for a friendly looking face, especially when mixed in with the other easy going and flowing curves that can be seen running all over the new Golf. Some may start to say that this very ‘Golf look’ is getting a little tired now, but most will simply see it as a masterclass in understated and classy auto design.

2009 Volkswagen GolfYou can buy your new Golf in either a two-door variant or four-door model, depending on your practicality needs. But, one thing is certain, that for its compact class size, the Golf will offer end users a spacious and relaxing interior space that can carry five adults in comfort, as well as carrying a good stack of their luggage in the trunk area. There is always a light and airy feel inside the Golf and even at the most basic of trim levels everything will exude a certain quality and everything will be very well put together indeed.

Safety wise there are up to seven airbags that can come with your Golf, as well as a high quality stability control system, but for these reassuring items you will have to pay out the extra money for a higher level of trim specification. But, even in its most basic form, the Golf is still extremely sturdy and benefits from many years of high quality VW research – that’s something you don’t have to pay extra for!

2009 Volkswagen Golf


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 73,000 onwards

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