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Suzuki’s third world car, the SX-4, was first introduced in the Middle East in 2007 in the all-wheel drive crossover guise.

In August 2008 however, Suzuki expanded the range with the launch of a sedan version of the SX-4 which widened its appeal and versatility.

The five-door crossover continues as it was when launched and blends the characteristics of a large hatch with the appeal of compact SUVs. It provides an exciting alternative to small car buyers who are looking at something beyond the ordinary. The hatch version comes with all-wheel drive which is commensurate for the SX-4 badge which actually means Sport (S) Crossover (X) for four seasons of weather.

Though the SX-4 will not climb mountains it will get you out of most sticky situations encountered during driving holidays and improves traction in wet road conditions. The saloon version comes with only front wheel drive and is essentially the SX-4 with a big boot, which is neatly integrated into the car’s design theme. The high stance of the car facilitates ingress and egress while the high driving position provides a commanding view out of the front windshield.

2009 Suzuki SX-4The SUV mated with design of the SX-4 gives it respectable street presence. The fusion body style also liberates a lot of space on the inside which is equal to cars a segment higher especially headroom and width.

The SUV theme is evident in the upright stance, upright windshield, high ground clearance, big wheel arches and the bold fascia. The SX-4 is an attractive car, more so in the crossover shape than the sedan which looks relatively sedate.

The SX-4 sedan comes with a choice of a 1.6-litre, 102bhp engine or a 2.0-litre unit with 143bhp and 184Nm of torque. The crossover version comes with only the bigger 2.0-litre unit which gives it the ‘go’ to match the ‘show’. The crossover model comes equipped only with a four-speed automatic gearbox while on the saloon there is an option of either a five-speed manual or the four-speed automatic.


2009 Suzuki SX-4The SX-4 is an able handler which is highlighted by the fact that it is Suzuki’s current World Rally Championship challenger. Despite the high ground clearance the body roll is minimum thanks to a stiff suspension and shocker set-up. Traction is good and the wide section tires wrapped on large 15/16-inch alloys provide leech like grip. The SX-4’s interior colour theme is predominately black with chrome/metallic ascents here and there. The sedan comes with a big boot which can swallow massive amounts of luggage.

The SX-4 comes loaded with power steering, windows, locks and climate control, multi information display and steering mounted audio controls. ABS with EBD and dual front airbags are standard safety fitment. Suzuki’s ‘Way of Life’ brand philosophy and its intent on catering to the needs of the adventurous young buyers is served well with the SX-4. While the crossover all-wheel drive version offers good performance and attractive design, the sedan offers a bold look , large interiors and peppy performance for those looking at a three-box within a tight budget.

2009 Suzuki SX-4Specification

Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission
Hatchback / Sedan1.6107N/AA

Price Range (AED) 61,000

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