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As the market for smaller crossover vehicles grows and grows, Volvo have come up with a decent offering into the segment that conveys everything that Volvo like to stand for in the auto market, namely the very latest in modern safety devices, cruising comfort and more than a strong level of luxury.

A crossover must offer the size and practicality of an SUV, while still coming up trumps in the whole car-like driving experience. And at first look the should deliver on these promises well.

The Volvo family face is very much in effect with the XC60; this is undoubtedly a Volvo, and a quality one at that. The teardrop-shaped headlights flank the trademark front grille housed in that ‘bull nose’ that pulls-in from the bonnet area, and again a further Volvo trademark of brand badge with diagonally crossing chrome trim that runs through the grille, further solidly brands this crossover as a Volvo.

2009 Volvo XC60 The whole car seems to rack backwards and upwards, giving the XC a very poised and ready for action look to it, with the high shoulder lines, large wheels over a tall suspension stance further adding to the XC’s chunky and safe looks.

But, as we all well know, when it comes to the famous Swedish Volvo brand, the safety aspects of their cars is more than just a perception earned from chunky design and high-riding driving position. The smallest model from within the Volvo XC range debuts with some new, interesting and very forward thinking safety technology from the Volvo safety research team.

These new developments include a so called ‘City Safety’ system that uses the car’s onboard computer processing power to assess situations that occur below a limit of 30kph; the kind of speed the car will generally be doing when driving on the congested city streets. The City Safety system determines whether a collision could be about to occur, generally by sensing an emergency braking stamp on the brake pedal, and does its level best to haul the car up as quickly and safely as possible.


Volvo XC60 R-DesignAnother new system within the XC, called Pre-Prepared Restraints, is designed to help minimize injuries to the driver and passengers should the worse happen and a collision actually occur. Very cleverly using onboard laser sensors that interact with the other safety technology of airbags and adaptive seatbelt load limiters, to set everything off at the safest rate of deployment to soak up the impact without overkill.

Gone are the days of passengers receiving worse injuries from the over zealous airbags during low-speed collisions. As you would expect, Volvo have always been at the leading edge of pioneering safety research, and for the more nervous drivers out there, the new XC is one of the most reassuring cars to own.
2009 Volvo XC60

Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 149,000-179,000

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