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The V70 could be said to be the purest form of car manufacturing, especially if you take into account the cars that made the Swedish brand famous – namely large, safe and copiously-spaced estate cars, or station wagons to use the American term.

Based on the modern underpinnings of the S80 sedan, but with all the carrying capacity of a good-sized van, the V70 is a family car through and through. Styled the way Volvos of old were, but with gentle curves replacing the sharp and boxy edges of previous models; the V70 is unashamedly large.

Estate cars can only be styled in a certain way, and it is that big box of a rear end that defines this type of car, but still, it is a style that Volvo has made all their own.

And with so many years experience in making this exact type of car, you can be certain that if an estate car is what you need, then the V70 is a very good place to start looking.

2009 Volvo V70Luggage space is vast, you only need look to the huge fleet of these Volvos that work day and night for the Emirates Airline VIP ‘taxi’ fleet to know that these cars can swallow as much luggage as a truck, whilst still offering a ton of space and luxury for up to five passengers that could be traveling with all that luggage.

Inside the V70 you will find all the of the usual trims of leather, wood and metal, but used sparingly rather than liberally, all coming together to present an interior that is gently claming, rather than stylishly alarming – perfect after a 10-hour, red-eye flight home.

Whilst SUVs are undoubtedly popular here in the Middle East; it is in Europe where the station wagon rules the roost. Taste, and more importantly, the price of fuel have influenced the markets here at home differently than they have in Europe, with more fuel-conscious customers choosing the an estate car should their space requirements be on the rather large side, over and above a gas-guzzling SUV.


2009 Volvo V70With the V70 you get the on-road driving dynamics of the sedan car, but, of course, all that extra space. Another big draw for SUV buyers is the road presence of the big 4x4s, especially when mixing it up with the Dubai traffic – this is something extra that the V70 cannot offer you, but in its favour, not everybody wants to drive a motorway brute.

2009 Volvo V70The V70 will offer you all the refinements of a quality sedan, but with all the extra space and safety that Volvo is now world famous for.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission
Station Wagon3.2238320A

Price Range (AED) 130,000-145,000

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