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In this region, 4x4s are very, very popular. And the bigger the better. Big is massive, bigger is huge.

And then there’s the Jimny, which isn’t massive at all. In fact, it’s tiny. And outdated. But it’s a 4×4, it’s capable in the sand, and most of all it’s cheap. Really cheap. The Jimny is far smaller than even compact SUVs and powered by a 1.3-litre engine, which makes just 84bhp. But because of its diminutive size, it’s not quite as slow as a breezeblock and the lack of weight make it relatively agile.

The styling is aging, mainly because the car has hardly changed since it was introduced in 1998 – a few tweaks here and there once every few years, but nothing substantial. Consequently, it remains mechanically simple and functional, rather than luxurious.

2009 Suzuki JimnyIt comes with two doors and a hatch-style tailgate with a spare wheel and cover on the back as an option, and seats four, although don’t expect much boot space if the back seats are in use. And, most importantly, it’s a proper off-roader, with four-wheel drive, switchable to two-wheel drive on the move at speeds of up to 100kph and a low-ratio setting on the gearbox.

Two versions of the Jimny are available. The entry-level JX comes with a five-speed manual transmission and 15-inch steel wheels, although alloys are available as an option across the range. It also features black plastic bumpers and wing mirrors, halogen headlights and a rear wiper, as well as cup holders in the front and the back. An antenna is fitted to the roof as standard, but you’ll have to pay extra for a CD player and speakers. The rear seats recline and fold down in a 50:50 split.


2009 Suzuki JimnyThe upper trim level is the JLX, which comes with a four-speed automatic gearbox. On the outside, the JLX gets body coloured bumpers and wheel-arch extensions, as well as some roof rails if you’re lugging lots of stuff. The wing mirrors are also body-coloured, and electrically adjusted too.

Power steering is included, unlike on the JX, and inside the Jimny gets a digital clock and a gear indicator for the automatic transmission. Electric windows and central locking are also thrown in, along with storage pockets in the front doors, which are also trimmed in cloth.

It’s hardly the height of luxury, or the latest in cutting edge sand-tackling technology. But the Jimny is an honest, simple and above-all budget option for those that want to get off the beaten track. If the global economic downturn is biting but you don’t want to give up those trips to the sand, you may want to have a peek.

2009 Suzuki JimnySpecification

Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 49,500-53,000

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