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Whilst might not be offering quite the competition-worrying cars that sister company is coming up with, the Korean firm is still managing to put out some enjoyable and usable vehicles into the current market.

They offer the consumer high levels of value and practicality, if perhaps not so much in the way of style and charisma.

The is a compact sedan that is aimed squarely at the budget-end of the new car scale; purely a car that comes in at the right price for a family looking for mobility, but at a higher point of comfort and space than the super-small, super-minis would offer.

The nicely modern overall styling of the Cerato reflects the current trends of car design quite neatly, with curves and bulges all over the four-door shape, but not a huge amount of real flare to stand this car above the crowd. The front grille, headlights and front bumper area are all standard enough looking without too much detail or fuss to grab your attention or elicit much in the way of pleasure or passion, and the same goes for much of the rest of the car.

2009 Kia Cerato

Indeed, the Cerato is perhaps a lesson in how to mimic the current fashion of car design, without actually taking the epoch any further. But, it all hangs together well enough, so at least potential buyers won’t stand out for the wrong reasons of outdated and clumsy design. However, if you do look at other contemporary designs with the Cerato’s own market segment, you will find much of the Cerato’s inspiration within them.

This familiar outer-shell at least shows the right dimensions and overall space to facilitate a usefully arranged interior space that has certainly benefited from Kia’s continued quest for car-building knowledge and continued growth into newer, more demanding car markets, and continued growth of experience. Just a few years ago we’d be looking at an interior of poor fit and finish and sporting some of the nastiest looking and feeling touch surfaces around – but not these days, not any more.

2009 Kia Cerato

Now five adults can travel in decent comfort and not too restricted space, there will be room in the trunk for a good slab of luggage, and wrapped around the passengers will be plastics, cloths and hard surfaces of if not equal, but very nearly equal quality to those of the European brands, who were until recently, just so far ahead of Kia.

Whilst the Cerato is most certainly a modern-looking car, for the price you are paying, you still won’t find quite the level of driving dynamic as the more expensive, big-brand cars, usually because the cheaper cars are based on older chassis technology – like in any industry; you get what you pay for. The Cerato will come across as a solid, if uninspiring car, but many families that simply look to get from A to B with little fuss or excitement, and crucially for the best price possible, will find this budget motor an interesting option.
2009 Kia Cerato

Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission
Hatchback1.61041435M / 4A
2.01431865M / 4A

Price Range (AED) 44,000–48,000


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