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This is the big and brutal, full-size luxury SUV offering from Infiniti that offers all the full-on luxury and comfort on a truly massive scale – if you have a large family and a lot of luggage and you want the smoothest of style, then the QX56 could well be the perfect vehicle for you.

From every angle, both inside and out, the mighty QX makes one seriously large and loud statement; truly a luxury tank for the road.

Based on the just as impressive Nissan Armada, but extensively restyled for the Infiniti customer, the QX simply will not disappoint even the most hard to please SUV fan. The styling is big, brutish and forceful, with probably the biggest chrome front grille known to man, taking the lead from an equally vast expanse of bonnet. The headlights seem a little small when compared to the rest of the truck, and this seems to further enhance the feeling that there is a very large ‘snout’ leading the way from the front of the QX. Not particularly pretty, but very imposing nonetheless.

2009 Infiniti QX

The sides and rear of this monster truck are very similar in design to the Armada; everything is pretty plain and simple with large doors and a huge tailgate for easy access to the vast inner space and not much else to differentiate between this big truck and the Nissan big truck. It is on the inside that you will find a world of luxury difference between the two.

The Infiniti brand is very much all about the top-end of the luxury scale, and with the QX you get all the space for seven people, plus a ton of luggage, wrapped-up in some of the finest comfort you’ll find in any automobile on the market.

There is leather as far as the eye can see, all the electronic adjustment you’ll need for seating and steering, ensuring varied possible driving positions, and climate control systems.


2009 Infiniti QX

There is only one trim level to be found in the QX56, and that is full-scale luxury. Amongst the standard features are an auto-leveling air-assisted rear suspension that compensates for very heavy towing loads, a tyre pressure monitoring system to warn you of pending flat tyres, cruise control, xenon headlights, fog lamps, quick-fire LED tail and brake lights, a power-operated tailgate with a separately opening rear glass, rear proximity parking sensors, real wood trims, ten-way driver and eight-way passenger power-adjusting heated seats, second-row heated seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, seven-inch colour screen, and a premium Bose audio system with ten speakers and steering wheel-mounted control buttons. Quite a serious selection indeed for any lover of luxury.

2009 Infiniti QX

Hauling all of this equipment is a big V8 engine; the only choice for such a big and relaxing cruiser as the QX56. At 5.6-litres this V8 is man enough for the job, churning out 320bhp and 532Nm of torque, and that’s more than enough to haul it all.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 220,000


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