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The G range represents Infiniti’s rather appealing alternatives to the ever-present European performance midsizers, with a different angle on design for those that want to be different, as well as years of prime Japanese performance experience boiled-down into their chassis, suspension and engines.

Basically, performance cars for the computer game generation, with all the pumped-up bodywork, rear end drifting grunt and extra exhausts that they have come to expect and want.

There is a saloon; the G35, and a /saloon; the G37, and while both cars offer pleasantly powerful performance and handling, it is the that is a little quicker and meaner, as you would expect from a . The G35 saloon offers the convenience of the two extra rear doors, perhaps to try and persuade the family man that isn’t too old just yet to take one away from the showroom, but even with those extra doors, it is still a pretty car.

2009 Infiniti G

The curves are there, as it the hunkered-down powerful stance, as is the strength of the wide and blunt rear end – sure it’s a saloon, but it still makes its intentions quite clear. The rear wheels are powered by a 3.5-litre, V6 petrol engine that makes 306bhp and 363Nm of torque, more than enough shunt to get the G35 really moving, especially when the modern and quick 5-speed auto transmission is set to full attack mode.

Coupled-up with a stiff and dynamic chassis and sports-tuned suspension, spirited drivers will find the G35 a lot of fun, while inside they will also find all the luxury of leather and very latest in comfort and entertainment electronics.

The G37 coupe gets everything the G35 does, as well as a little more focus on a more pure form of all-out driving experience. There’s a little more power and a little more aggression, as well as the inviting looks of a two-door coupe.

2009 Infiniti G

The G-style curves and hunkered-down stance are of course present with the G37, but this car manages to look even tougher still, thanks to some even stronger curves in all the right places.

That V6 petrol engine is a little bigger too; basically a bored-out version of the critically acclaimed VQ35 motor that powers many Nissans and Infinitis with great performance and versatility. Now boasting 3.7-litres, this grunty V6 now produces 330bhp and 366Nm of torque, endowing the G37 with near-supercar-like sprinting figures, and the lucky driver with a pure, focused and nicely sharp driving involvement.

The G cars are into the luxury end of the midsize market, and as such you will find them well presented, well made and very nicely presented, altogether making a very viable proposition for those that don’t want to buy European.

2009 Infiniti G

Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 135,000–150,000


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