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Infiniti is better known as the premium brand arm of the Nissan Motor Company and was formed not only to produce top-end cars and SUVs that shouldn’t ‘suffer’ from association with a Nissan badge, but also to rival Toyota’s Lexus luxury brand which was and is doing rather well.

So, with the Infiniti vehicles you will find all the slightly over the top and luxury items and styling that are deemed too specialist for the everyday Nissan cars – a great idea that has worked well for both of the big Japanese brands. Now you can have Japanese reliability and European luxury, behind a cool badge.

The EX35 is yet another spawn of the ever-popular SUV ethos; a crossover coupe, or basically a passenger car that rides a little higher with a slightly taller roofline that offers a more airy feel to the interior, and a perceived feeling of greater safety due to bigger size – the ‘my bumpers are higher than yours’ theory.

2009 Infiniti EX

SUVs also pretend to offer some kind of capability, but this is getting less and less important for most customers, who simply tend to cover long motorway trips, rather than taking extreme adventures. And the EX35 makes no claims at all about prowess.

The only big issue with these ‘tall cars’ is the adverse effect that the tall suspension and high centre of gravity has on their handling, and while the Infiniti engineers have put some serious time and money into cancelling-out that wallowy ride, there only so much you can do to battle basic physics.

But, as the EX35 sits near the top of the market segment, you can expect enough clever engineering to return a fairly decent ride. However, if you do want more pure driving dynamics, it is best to avoid these SUV-esque cars altogether.



2009 Infiniti EX

Styling, however, is most certainly the EX’s strong point; this is a hard car to mistake or miss. The overtly pointy and aerodynamic-looking front end holds heavily raked-back headlights and a pleasantly basic black front grille, while the vehicle’s side panels and roofline curve elegantly together to meet at the short and stocky rear end that finishes the trip off nicely with a pair of sharply aggressive taillights.A good-looking car indeed.

Engine wise, there is only one choice, but it is pretty reasonably endowed for this size of car, and should return near car-like performance. The 3.5-litre, V6 petrol unit makes 297bhp and 343Nm of torque and powers all four wheels via a modern six-speed automatic gearbox.

2009 Infiniti EX

Couple this nicely powerful engine and well engineered chassis to the large and comfortable leather interior and you have a very well made and smoothly comfortable piece of automotive kit.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED) 157,000–167,000


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