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After reading about and understanding the 430 Scuderia, you could well be forgiven for thinking that the original and now somewhat ‘lowly’-looking F430 will forever dwell under the shadow of the outstandingly-focused Scuderia.

And in some ways you would be right, but you must also sum-up both cars strictly by their design purpose, and your everyday needs, before making the choice between the two 430-numbered Ferraris.

OK, so the Scuderia is a blisteringly quick ultra-car that is even happier on the track than it is on the road, and believe me, the Scuderia is very happy on the road. And yes, it has benefited from ’s latest know-how and go-how, but it is the newer of the two cars, and don’t forget that the Scuderia would not be the great car it is if it were not for the great base that it is built on – the .

The Ferrari F430 is one of the most gorgeous to come out of Maranello for quite some time, with the sort of looks that shout ‘classic Ferrari’, but also benefiting from the most modern use of aerodynamics, giving the F430 a look of extreme purpose and aggression that few supercars, Ferrari or not, can match pound-for-pound. It looks light on its feet and ready for action; simply point it at a bend and the 2009 Ferrari F430 will demolish it.

This feeling of utter on-road aggression cannot be matched by anything, other than the Scuderia, and for some the Scuderia is just that little bit too modified and racy-looking, whereas the Ferrari F430 still manages to retain an air of elegance and luxury.

There is also the simply gorgeous Spider to consider with the 2009 Ferrari F430. And with the roof down, this car takes on a whole new meaning to the word pretty. OK, so the performance figures are slightly down on those of the Scuderia, but when have you ever heard anyone, apart from the fastest of racing drivers, say that 500 bhp from that howling V8 is just not enough? Lets live in the real world here, and at this point many potential Ferrari buyers would walk towards the roof-folded Spider and past the hard-top, ‘boy racer’ Scuderia.

Enjoy the simply stunning interior, complete with comfortable seats, deep-pile carpets, and lots and lots of leather, and leave the hardcore track action to the racers in their tight and uncomfortable racing suits, while you hit the road with the roof folded down, and the stereo pumped-up.

The Ferrari F430’s successor, the 458 Italia, was announced in mid-2009.


Body TypeEngine(litres)Power(bhp) Torque (Nm) Transmission
/Convertible 4.3 483 465 M/A

Price Range (AED) 780,000–875,000


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