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Not a word you expect to hear associated with a brand such as , but the company has its sights firmly set on practicality; producing as an honest a four-seater as possible, the  612 Scaglietti.

Normally you come to expect a level of sacrifice in outright comfort when the end result wrings out the very last drop of potential in both the chassis and the engine, but Ferrari have done the unthinkable by producing a car that is fast, dynamic and comfortable.

2009 , the slightly ungainly 2+2 Ferrari is still not what you’d call a conventional people carrier, yet the relatively long wheelbase does offers a surprising amount of space and subsequent comfort, as well as a generous access to the rear quarters. That said, rear headroom is a nuisance for tall passengers.

Among other things, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti’s sumptuous cabin features a new Bose sound system, dual-zone climate control, voice recognition, an MP3 player, 4GB storage bank and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The same enthusiasm is not showered over the awkwardly proportioned outer shell of this car, doing very little to inspire any sense of passion. Under this controversial skin though is all-aluminium space-framed chassis, helping to reduce mass.

Still no featherweight, at 1840kg, it is nevertheless lighter than its rivals. Along with its light but intuitive steering, the 2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti stands as a real treat to drive – with the 5.7-litre 12-cylinder positioned just behind the front axle, with the paddle shift operated six-speed gearbox neatly lining up with the rear differential giving the 612 a 46/54 split front to rear.

Yet even with a 533bhp V12 (which it shares with the Ferrari 575M Maranello) delivering its peak at 7250 rpm, a 0-100 kph time of 4.2 seconds and top speed of 315 kph the Scaglietti won’t ooze enough Ferrari for most people’s liking. It is still an outstanding car, an exceptional one in fact for its size and weight, but it somewhat misses the mark leaving a numb void that refuses to let the 612 shine. This is a real shame as the 2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti could have been rubbing shoulders with Maranello’s finest.

Help is at hand though, with a number of available factory upgrades, namely the HGTS and HGTC package, providing a sharper F1 gearbox that delivers a ten per cent quicker shift, a performance-rich exhaust system and colour-coded Brembo callipers, while the HGTC package also features carbon/ceramic disc brakes, a unique set of rims and model-specific tyres.

As standard though you still get an awful lot of car for the money, even if you could buy a small hatchback for the same price as a full disc and pad change on the 612. Looks and the remaining Ferrari fleet aside though, the Scaglietti is a breath of fresh air, clearly able, keen in the bends, and lets not forget; comfortable and spacious.



Body TypeEngine(litres)Power(bhp)Torque(Nm)Transmission
5.7 540 588 M/A


Price Range (AED) 1,180,000


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