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With the 2009 Nitro, is attempting to attract new customers with a smaller, urban crossover – less of a truck and more of a road runner.  Its a timely move for Dodge to enter an ever growing segment of mid-size/small SUV/crossover buyers in the middle east, specially in faster growing towns like Dubai – a key opinion driver across the region. The Nitro brings all this thinking together in one smartly dressed and presentable package.

The styling looks minimalistic with the trademark Dodge cross hair front grille cleaned-up, simple yet effective headlights, a chunky and simple front bumper, a flat, solid hood and very wide, yet very plain wheel flares. Coupled to the straight up and straight down side panels and boxy rear end, you end up with a crossover that makes a bold styling statement without any of the fuss of a multitude of confusing lines, curves and creases.

2009 Dodge Nitro

The interior of the 2009 are its strongest point, right after its initially impacting exterior styling. There are two large cupholders near the parking brake and the storage bin between the seats is quite simply vast, with a helpful shallow tray that sits in the top to stop smaller items getting lost inside the deep cavern below.

The glovebox is nearly vertical, but it’s still a good size. The rear space is creditable, with plenty of head and shoulder room for passengers, although sitting behind a taller driver could cause knee-space issues for taller passengers. Access to the trunk is via a hatchback and along the trunk floor is a new feature called ‘Load ‘n’ Go.’ It’s basically a sliding floor than comes right out towards you over the bumper, so you don’t have to lean in with heavy loads, and is designed to handle up to 180kg – and that’s a lot of shopping!

2009 Dodge Nitro

The steering wheel adjusts for tilt but not reach, and there’s no footrest for the driver’s clutch foot.

The audio set-up includes MP3 playback and an optional touchscreen infotainment system with a 20-gigabyte hard drive to store music, photos and videos.

Standard safety kit includes stability control, electronic roll mitigation, traction control, ABS and Brake Assist. The airbags, including side curtains, are linked to an occupant classification system, which automatically assesses the weight of the people in the front seats and adjusts the strength of the airbag deployment accordingly.

2009 Dodge Nitro

This last feature is very useful indeed as some airbag deployments can be a little too harsh, and have been known to cause injury. The engines aren’t as new age, but the newer and bigger of the V6 choices is definitely the better, with reasonable performance figures of 260bhp and 360Nm from its 4.0-litre engine.


Body TypeEngine (litres) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) Transmission
SUV 3.7 205 314 A
4.0 260 360 A


Price Range (AED) 90,000-116,000

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