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What could be better than the sound of a tuned V8 engine on full song?

The sound of a tuned Ferrari V12 on full song, of course! Whilst the mighty V8s make the kind of truly visceral howl that can make grown men whimper and turn weak at the knees, the large-capacity V12s do the same, and then some.

Harking back the heydays of Ferrari and their racecars, the V12s are truly an automotive engine phenomenon in their own right with a screaming, banshee-like roar that is pure poetry to the ears of any true fans of truly incredible engines.

And it’s no surprise to know that the engineers at the Maranello development plant in Italy work tirelessly to ensure that these V12s, reserved for the really expensive Ferraris, have a sound like nothing else on the planet.

And the Ferrari  599 GTB Fiorano gets a very special and very large V12 to really satisfy the kind of Ferrari customer that absolutely must not get beaten away from a traffic signal drag race.

Six litres, 620bhp, 608Nm of torque, 0-100kph in just 3.7-seconds and a terminal top speed of a face-warping 330kph – these are the kind of performance figures that made Ferrari famous, and this two-seater stunner is pure, top-draw Ferrari through and through.

The Fiorano’s styling comes straight out of the Ferrari book of classic, evocative lines, with all the curves, vents and powerful muscular forms that one car-maker, no matter how famous, can cram into one piece of breath-taking machinery. If you want your Ferrari to reflect the factory’s true heritage, then the 2009 really is the only model in the current line-up.

Much time can and should be spent admiring the ‘pure ’ exterior lines, but taking the time to climb inside is something you really must do. There are only two seats inside the 599 GTB, but what seats they are – automotive sculptures in carbon fibre and leather that could be in danger of overawing the senses to the point of stupidity.

With leather so soft and perfectly tanned and carbon fibre so detailed in its weave and execution, it’s of little wonder that Ferrari owners keep coming back for more and more.

Safety components within the 2009 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano combine all of the usual ABS and full complement of airbags with one of the most expensive, handmade chassis available today, so whilst the car is incredibly fast, you can also rest assured that there are the very best components within the chassis, suspension and brakes to really stop you on a dime if you have to.

But, with a car this classically-styled and so incredibly capable, there really should be some moments in every drive that are simply reserved for cruising along and wallowing in all of that good stuff.


Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 1,200,000


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