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Living in the Middle East represents a rare opportunity to own a powerful, roaring and thirsty V8 , without paying the earth to put petrol in it; the 2009 does seem ideal.

And while there is still sufficient oil and a fresh and funky batch of good, new era muscle cars, the time right now is most certainly right to live your V8 dream. And playing a strong role in that new bunch of modern musclers is the Charger.

Launched in 2006, to much public anticipation, the Charger has everything a thoroughbred muscle car needs to capture the public’s heart and imagination, and hopefully separate them from their car-buying cash. Namely; muscles, machismo and menace. And one look, and one quick test drive, in the V8 car at least, will confirm that the Charger can delivery everything a nostalgic heart desires.

2009 Dodge Charger

Harking back to the 1970s with some seriously bold and strong styling in all the right areas, the Charger’s aggressive stare, broad shoulders and seductively slopping rear roofline remind us enough of the famous retro style of old, whilst also bringing the muscle car look firmly up to date for these more modern times.

And thanks to modern engine, suspension and braking technology, the new Charger will stop and go significantly better than the 70s car, as well as keeping the driver and passengers a whole lot safer with modern safety kit.

The Charger is based on the Chrysler 300C platform, so much of its genetic make-up is already well proven in the 300C, and this will reassure many buyers who still rightly think that American cars can lack a little in terms of reliability and overall fit and finish. At least we know that the engine and running gear are all tough and up to the job at hand, but unfortunately, there is no such previous model testing for the entirely new interior that goes into the entirely new Charger.

2009 Dodge Charger

The plastics will be a major letdown for anyone that is used to the softer and more modern touch and feel of the European manufacturer’s interior plastics.

The ride is a pleasant aspect of the Charger’s on-road personality, with pliancy and smoothness high on the original designers priority list. But, again, the sacrifice for inner and outer space is the extensive bulk of the car; so scything corners will be a more nerve-racking affair than in smaller, more nimble cars.

2009 Dodge Charger

All that weight will certainly require some fairly serious brute force to get it rolling, and while the 3.5-litre, V6 petrol engine is a little more fuel frugal, with just 250bhp and 340Nm of torque you might find it making a bit of a meal out of lugging the load.

The mighty 5.7-litre V8 is, of course, the engine of choice in the Middle East – at 372bhp it’s the right muscular motor for this provocative muscular car.


Body Type Engine(litres) Power(bhp) Torque(Nm) Transmission
Sedan 3.5 250 340 A
5.7 372 520 A


Price Range (AED) 84,000 – 129,000


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