2009 Honda CR-Z concept

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’s stand at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show was dominated by the latest incarnation of the CR-Z sports hybrid concept (left).

The CR-Z is due to go into production shortly and go on sale by the summer of 2010. It promises to take the hybrid technology used on the Civic Hybrid and Insight Hybrid and make it exciting to drive, with a six-speed manual transmission planned for the car. Several styling cues come from the classic Honda CRX of the 1980s.

Another concept, the EV-N (next page), also takes inspiration from a classic Honda, this time the N360 micro car of the 1960s. The EV-N is an electric vehicle that seats four and has solar cells in the roof to power the on-board battery. It’s purely a design study however, and unlike the CR-Z there are no plans for production.



2009 Honda EV-N conceptThe FCX Clarity, however, is already in production and is being leased to customers in the US and Japan. It’s the world’s first production fuel cell car, and emits nothing from the exhaust except water vapour.

Also on display was the Skydeck concept six-seater MPV, a hybrid with Lamborgini-style front doors and sliding doors at the rear. It’s a design study only, intended to show how Honda’s hybrid technology – called IMA – can be used in different types of cars.

Meanwhile, on the totally wacky end of the scale, the U3-X is an experimental electric unicycle. You can read more about it here.



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