Renault ZE Concepts

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Not to be outdone by electric car concepts from rival manufacturers, Renault unveiled four such concepts of its own at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show.

These concepts will form the base of future electric vehicles from Renault, which will cater to varied buyer needs but are aimed at urban motoring.

Renault claims that the first production vehicle based on these concepts will go on sale by 2011.

We reveal each of the quirky named concept cars in brief detail.

Click on the name of each for the full image gallery.

2009 Renault Twizy ZE conceptTwizy ZE

This concept is aimed at two person urban mobility with a four wheel quad bike-like structure which seats one passenger behind the driver.

Powered by a 15kW electric motor, the Twizy will have acceleration similar to a 125cc motorbike with comparable ability to squeeze through traffic.


2009 Renault Zoe ZE conceptZoe ZE 

This is an all-electric supermini powered by a 70kW motor and enough battery storage for a 160km range. The funky looking hatchback also features individual avatars which drivers can use to set driving information, mood lighting and futuristic ‘hydrate, detox and active scent’ climate control.

There are three ways in which one can charge the batteries: standard charge which takes between four and eight hours; quick charge which takes 20 minutes; and a ‘Quickdrop’ system which takes only three minutes but has to be done at a rapid battery exchange station.

2009 Renault Kangoo ZE conceptKangoo ZE

Based on the Renault Kangoo van this concept houses the same 70kW electric motor which exists in the Zoe.

Radical design modifications make sure that this concept looks distant from its otherwise sedate fossil fuel guzzling sibling.



2009 Renault Fluence ZE conceptFluence ZE

This is Renault’s concept of a Zero Emissions family car. The Fluence concept will replace the ageing Megane sedan.

The Fluence ZE Concept is obviously an all-electric car with a range of 160km. The battery can be charged using the three methods as in the Zoe ZE. While the Fluence-based Megane will be out by 2010, the production version of the Fluence ZE will launch only by 2011 when an expected 20,000-40,000 units will be produced.

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