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If you like your car to have a bit of a spring in its step, as it were, then the 2009 could well be worth a look for you, the SS variant at least.

The V8-powered, rear-wheel drive Chevy Lumina SS really is great value for those looking to have a little high-speed fun through the twists and turns on the weekend, whilst still turning in some practical behaviour to get the kids to school.

Like the Epica, the Lumina was all new in 2007, so again the design is fresh and funky and quite a wide departure from the previous Lumina model, that was much curvier, and came as a two-door coupe only – the new Lumina comes as a four-door only.

But that is where the similarities with the other offerings from other manufacturers in the midsize sedan segment, end. OK, so it’s got four doors, but don’t let that fool you because boring the Lumina SS is not.

2009 Chevrolet Lumina

The 6.0-litre, V8 petrol engine makes a very healthy 360bhp and 530Nm of torque, which in turn gives the Lumina a very healthy appetite for the fast and fun stuff on the open road. Those sharp facial features, strongly flared wheel arches and strutting rear spoiler, are all signs of the SS’s sporting intentions.

Understandably, performance is, well, quite stonking really, with 100kph coming up quickly in the mid 5s, and a top speed of over 250kph. And then there’s the noise of it – think brash, brutal and booming and you’re about right!

Steering, suspension and ride are all good, precise and quite pliant in the SS, even given the cars performance nature, whilst the wide spread of torque from that big V8 means that cruising is completely effortless and gear changes can be a rare as you want. The brakes are also fairly good, and of course, backed-up by ABS.

2009 Chevrolet Lumina

However, this still quite a ‘good value’ car so some components are built to a price, and after a few laps of constant abuse, you’ll start to notice the brakes giving up the ghost. But, in normal road driving conditions, the whole car is well up to the fast job at hand.

There may be, as usual with American cars, some complaints about the general fit and finish of the interior, but it can also be said that the Lumina interiors offer a decent amount of space, technology and comfort, with, also as usual, the more you spend the better things get, in terms of leather etc. Some plastics might come across as a little cheap and there might be a feel of the flimsy here and there. However, things aren’t really that far behind the Europeans and Japanese in this respect, any more.

2009 Chevrolet Lumina

If you want the Lumina styling and large practicality, then a cheaper V6 model is available. The 3.6-litre, petrol engine makes a respectable 240bhp and 330Nm of torque, and will move this fairly large car with a none too shabby turn of speed. But this is your opportunity to own a fast and well-balanced rear-wheel drive V8 sedan, in the SS, for the right price, and we suggest you take it.


Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 76,000–176,000


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