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The STS was introduced to ’s range in 2004, as a successor to the Seville. It sits just above the CTS and below the larger DTS – think of it as a more premium CTS.

In fact, in this region it’s considerably more premium than the CTS, because only the ultra-quick STS V is on sale here.

It’s designed to take on the likes of BMW’s M5 and Audi’s RS6, so that ultra-quickness comes from a supercharged 4.4-litre V8 engine that puts out a not-inconsiderable 469bhp and a whopping 595nm of torque. Serious power then, put down on the road through the rear wheels by way of a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Cadillac’s aren’t just about performance though, they’re about comfort and luxury. Accordingly, the STS-V is well specced-out.

On the outside, it boasts traditional Cadillac looks – the vertical rear lights and a big, wide grille with wire mesh within, a trademark of V-Series cars. The bonnet is made of lightweight fibreglass and boasts a hump on it to accommodate the supercharger beneath. It comes as standard on 18-inch alloys wheels at the front and 19s at the back, with front fog lights, automatic windscreen wipers and a sunroof.

Inside, the STS-V packs pretty much everything you’d expect on a modern luxury car. Cruise control and satellite navigation are standard, as is a 15-speaker sound system with 5.1 surround sound. The leather seats can be heated in both the front and the back and there’s a seat ventilation option for the driver and front seat passenger. The front seats can also be adjusted electrically. The cockpit can be specified with both wood and aluminium inserts, and access is via a keyless entry system.

On the safety side of things, there is a plethora of airbags, including front, seat and side curtain numbers for the front occupants. Traction control and electronic stability control are also included as standard.

For a bit of extra money, you can upgrade the braking system if you really plan to thrash the STS-V about.

The STS-V is a luxurious machine, with plenty of power. However, it’s now coming to the end of its life and is due to be discontinued in 2010.

It’s not really on a par with the finesse and technology found in the high-powered rivals from Europe, and with the new, more powerful Cadillac CTS-V having just gone on sale, there might be some that wonder why they’d want the older STS instead.



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