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Back in the days before the terms SUV, crossover SUV and MPV were coined, cars such as the would have simply been referred to as station wagons or estates.

Take a look at it from the side view and the 2009 SRX really is just a saloon with a longer trunk, slightly raised suspension and taller tyres. Has marketing speak taken over the world? Well, not exactly, but don’t believe everything they tell you!

OK, so the SRX does utilise a 4WD system, but don’t for one minute think that you can go barrelling into the desert at whim. The tyres are road tyres; the ground clearance is only marginally higher than an average saloon, and with all that pretty plastic and shiny chrome, half an hour in the rough desert will leave your pristine new SRX looking distinctly dishevelled. But, if you do take a wrong turn and the terrain suddenly deteriorates, there’s no doubt that four driven wheels are better than two.

Much of the appeal with the so-called crossovers stems from the SUV satisfaction philosophy of bigger is safer, more practical and more successful-looking. In recent years this can be said to be more accurate, but in the early days of tall vehicles with high centres of gravity, i.e. SUVs, the ‘roll-over’ accident rate was shocking.

SUVs are more stable now, but always bear in mind that the bigger and heavier the vehicle you are driving, the harder and slower it will be to stop and control it, in the event of something scary happening. But, with these ‘large cars’ firmly engrained in the car buyer’s conscience, they’re most certainly here to stay.

So, what does the SRX give you? It’s not as big and wallowy as a full size SUV, so you should be enjoying generally better driving dynamics, with less body roll and pitch than the truly big beasts.

There is some extra ‘off-road’ capability in that those taller tyres and extra 4WD grip will take you places that a low-slung, 2WD saloon cannot, and that extra large body affords some welcome space inside for big families or large load luggers.

It’s a Cadillac, too, and the current range of Caddys are looking pretty bold, brash and hard-styled right now, so if you want to make a style-splash with your new crossover, then the SRX could certainly fit your bill. There’s no denying that Cadillac have created a look that is all their own for their current model line-up, and if you like the look of this brand and the badge has the cache you need, then there is little else around that’s as cool as a Caddy.

This is a big American car and they haven’t skimped on the engines. The 3.6-litre, V6 petrol engine makes a decent 260hp and 339Nm of torque, but when you’re hauling up to seven people seated in a heavy, luxury interior, the V8 engine option will certainly make less of a meal of the large load.

320hp-worth of big-capacity V8 will certainly float the SRX along without drama, and if it’s the Caddy experience you want, and especially so in the oil-rich Middle East, you might as well go the whole-hog and get the 4.6-litre motor.



Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 195,000-210,000


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