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With the 2009 SLS, you might start to think that the family look is starting to get a little too familiar.

OK, so you can understand manufacturers wanting to push for a strong brand image across their range of cars and SUVs, but the SLS looks like the CTS, just a little longer and wider. But, then again, that is really all this model is about; just a longer option over and above the rest of the Cadillac range. Expect some confusion between the SLS and the rest of the family though; it’s interesting how sometimes funky and forward-thinking styling can start to wear a bit thin if it’s been overdone with no variations.

Inner space and comfort is what the SLS is really all about, and that extra 100m stretched body affords all the passengers within the SLS almost limousine-esqe levels of space and comfort, especially those two lucky types riding in the back who really will feel like someone special – the President of the United States has just taken delivery of a stretched-out Caddy for his official business, and if it’s good enough for him…

The two back seats are extremely plush with the softest of leather and the shiniest of polished wood absolutely everywhere you look, and the seats electrically adjust in every feasible direction, maximising comfort.

This isn’t, quite obviously, a family car, but more a ‘little limo’ aimed at mid-level executives that get driven, rather than drive themselves, and who want that strong, in-your-face Cadillac style that lends a perception of them as a successful, aggressive go-getters. The current Cadillac style of sharp angles and lines, the imposing front grille and tall lighting are unmistakable, and appeal directly to those who are not scared to be seen, standing out from the crowd.

The driving dynamics of the SLS would be most suitably described as smooth and comfortable, rather than sportscar-style sticky handling; this is a very big and heavy car, after all. However, Cadillac’s Magnetic Ride Control is effective at quickly adjusting to differing road surfaces and driving styles, so if there is some hustle to be had through the bends, the suspension can stiffen-up to reduce body roll and pitch, and gain some extra grip. Clever stuff that is to be expected in premium large saloons like the SLS, and to be honest, with this much bulk, they need all the help they can get.

There is plenty of punt up in front, thanks to the 4.6-litre, V8, petrol engine that produces 320bhp and 459Nm of torque, enough, but only really just enough to get this luxury barge moving at any sort of decent pace. Saying that, the transition up and through the speedo will be silky smooth and fuss-free; just the way a luxury limo should be.


Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 235,000


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