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Everything’s big in America.

And nothing proves that saying beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt quite like the enormous 2009 ; a true beast, even amongst the other big SUV beasts. nailed that larger than life SUV look when they launched the Escalade and it’s sold very well both in the Middle East and U.S. Times have changed now, but less so in this oil-rich area, and so here this Caddy remains a firm favourite.

You can take your Caddy in one of three body formats; standard SUV, long wheelbase and a kind of truck-look that’s more ‘cool truck’ than work truck. The standard format if the most popular here, with plenty of interior room for five adults and a couple of kids in the third row seating. And, of course, that all-important XXL road presence, regardless of the body style.

The front end, which will easily fill any rear-view mirror with a fearsome shape, can only be described as massive, wide and imposing – the perfect SUV combination. The generic Cadillac styling works very well on the Escalade, exuding as it does, a look of wealth and expense, even if it isn’t that much more expensive than other full-size luxury SUVs.

2009 Cadillac Escalade

The use of plenty of chrome trim and large 22-inch chrome alloy wheels accentuate the uncluttered lines, and the funky stacked head and taillights also sit very well in the Escalade shape. The other big SUV brands from General Motors; the GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe are intrinsically the same vehicles, but out of the three it’s the Escalade that wears its dress trims with the most fetching style.

Such a vast car will, as you’d expect, offer-up a vast interior space and that interior is decorated with plenty of nice leather and wood; opulence and luxury being the name of the Escalade game. The front seat passengers get a wide and comfortable seat each, with a large armrest between them and all of the creature comforts imaginable.

2009 Cadillac Escalade

The same goes for the second row passengers, who still get acres of space, and into the third row there is still plenty of room for two reasonable size children. Thanks to the size, space and insulation of the Escalade interior, you will feel like the rest of the world is safely out of the way. You might even run a lesser car over and not really notice!

Hauling this luxury load is one serious bit of power plant kit. A 6.2-litre, V8 petrol engine milling-out 441bhp and 615Nm of torque – there really will be no shortage of pulling power through the heavy duty six-speed automatic gearbox and fulltime four-wheel-drive system.

Towing, hauling and cruising are all well within the big Cadillac’s impressive working remit, however, most of the time will probably be spent wafting from one posh hotel function to the next, with never a hint of sand, dust or filth coming in contact with those mirror-finish rims.

2009 Cadillac Escalade

And for those that need just a touch more bling bling in their lives, there is the special Platinum Edition featuring unique wheels, more err, bling and an upgraded interior. The choice is yours, just as long as it’s large.


Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 275,000-305,000


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