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The 2009 can be viewed as a viable alternative to the German brands that crowd the mid-size sedan market.

If you’re feeling different and maybe a little funky, then the CTS is worth a closer look, standing head and shoulders above the rest; certainly in terms of wild styling, but also competing well with the well-sorted German bunch, on all-round performance and interior luxury.

Of all the family faces, it’s still the CTS that wears the boldest style. The badge is loud and proud in the centre of that vast grille; A high shoulder line and deep, slab-sided doors give the CTS a solid modern look, with curves mixing it up just as much as the sharper line highlights.

The wheel-at-each-corner, short overhang set-up, coupled with the ‘kicked-up’ trunk gives an on-the-toes feel of agility in action – something that is reflected in the driving style and aggression of this sporty Caddy.

Packing a very useable 304hp, the 3.6-litre, V6 petrol engine offers-up plenty of get up and go, making the nearly top of the range CTS a whole lot of fun to drive.

The only issue with the power and drive train is the lack of an LSD (limited slip differential) between the powered rear wheels. An LSD allows the driver more control over the rear end in over steer situations, and without the LSD the rear end gets a little messy when pushed. This is something that will probably not even register with most CTS drivers, but for some it will and that may be an issue for Cadillac when attacking the sportier German cars. But, there is also the option of a fulltime four-wheel-drive system for those who just love to grip and go.

If 304hp isn’t enough, however, there is now another choice at the very top of the CTS tree – the snarling CTS-V. How does over 550hp grab you? The CTS-V does, thankfully, come with an LSD, as well as beefed-up suspension and brakes; every you need to have some serious fun with all that grunt. Make no mistake; the CTS-V will burn rubber like a maniac all day long. Not for the faint hearted.

At the other end of the CTS scale is the 2.8-litre variant, which still makes useful power to turn in some fun driving. 266hp and 342Nm of torque is plenty for most people, and you still get those funky looks and a suspension and chassis set-up that inspires the confidence you need to really enjoy the car.

Cadillac wanted to impress throughout when they reworked the CTS, and it is the interior fit, finish and quality where they have worked hardest. The leather is very soft, the stitching is ‘French’ and there are a choice of quality surface finishes, such as wood, carbon fibre and aluminium.

And it is all of this good interior stuff, sprightly, up to fire-breathing performance, and enjoyable on-road manners that all come together to really level out the playing field against the once dominant European opposition.


Body TypeEngine (Litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 165,000-180,000


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