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The 2009 6-Series is the ‘cruising shark’ of the present range, both in design intention and sometimes-deadly power and performance. The snubbed, rounded face is the most definite shark-like feature of the 6-Series, as the flanks are fairly flat and smooth, whilst the rear end is clean and curvy with a creased-in trunk-tip metalwork spoiler that many said, to ’s horror, made the car look a lot like a Porsche 911 from the side view. But this is ’s big and cruiser that shows off in full all of the German manufacturer’s bold new styling statements; its mission, as it is, to keep a nicely distant gap between the look of the BMW range and the rest of the competition. The plan for the big 6 was to fill the gap left by the 850i coupe that left the range in 1989, and if you remember that car you can clearly see that BMW used the 850’s look and lines as a base for the 6-Series – full-bodied, wide and low; less of a wedge-shape than the previous car, but still exuding that muscular stance and forward motion, even when at a standstill. But even with the entry level engine, there won’t be much standing still to be done.

2009 BMW 6-Series

There is the option of a 3-litre, straight-six, petrol engine, making 268bhp and 300Nm of torque, or the rather juicy 4.8-litre, V8, petrol engine pushing out 362bhp and 490Nm of torque, and then there is the really juicy M6 model that is powered by the same engine as found in the M5, namely the monstrous 5-litre, V10, petrol motor making 500bhp and 520Nm of torque. Transmission choices for the grand touring BMW are either 6-speed manual or a six-speed automatic, and there is also the rather pleasant six-speed SMG automatic with instant manual shift options at the flick of a lever. As with their engines, BMW gearboxes are amongst the smoothest, quickest and most precise on the market today.

2009 BMW 6-Series

Interiors within this luxury sports coupe are, as you’d be right to expect, very good indeed, with absolutely stunning seats, trims and comfort levels throughout, especially if you splash out a little extra on the options lists. A truly top-end grand touring car that offers the very best from BMW in terms of chassis and driving dynamics, and the very latest in convertible roof design, and, if you like where BMW are at right now, the ‘loudest’ example of their often talked about, but rarely matched, new wave style and design. 2009 BMW 6-Series


Body typeEngine (Litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission
Coupe/ Convertible3.02683006A

Price Range (AED) 315,000-525,000

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