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It is easy to see new owners VW’s influence in the 2009 , with modern styling and technology in full evidence throughout this top-end GT cruiser – but, this is clearly not a bad thing as the GT has been a big hit with customers, both new and old, offering as it does a stunning mix of ultimate luxury and blistering performance.

In classic two-door style the GT is easily the most aggressive and purposeful-looking car to ever come from Bentley and it is this tough, modern look, coupled with that devastating V12 motor that has seen a fairly constant precession of GTs rolling out of Bentley dealerships world-wide.

Underneath that wonderfully curvaceous bodywork sits the same all-wheel-drive platform as the VW Phaeton, but only one very quick glance will tell you that they are entirely different cars, designed for an entirely different customer base.

2009 Bentley Continental GT

The Phaeton platform is a good one, offering a good mix of stiffness from which the suspension can work well, without too much of a weight penalty, for such a big car, at least. VW also knows a thing or two about grip and agility, and the 4×4 system in place under the GT works very hard and precisely to keep that huge V12 engine in check and keep that gorgeous bodywork on the road and in one piece. And with up to 600bhp snapping at your heals, you might need all the help you can get.

At six-litres, the V12 up front in the GT offers excellent bragging rights when you’re out with friends, and thanks to two turbochargers bolted on to either bank of six cylinders, also offers some truly supercar-esque sprinting and top speed performance.

2009 Bentley Continental Supersports

The GT model packs a 560bhp punch and 649Nm of torque, whereas the GTS (GT Speed) model deals out even more petrol-powered performance at 600bhp and 750Nm of torque. This extra power (incredible to think that people really thought they needed it!) was offered in answer to customer’s requests and is achieved by increasing the boost pressure of the turbochargers, hence flowing more air and fuel into that vast engine, offering more combustion and therefore more power.

And if 600bhp really still isn’t enough for you then there are aftermarket tuners out there that could swap those turbos for even bigger units and perhaps push the power nearer to the 1000bhp mark. Alternatively, you could try the Continental Super Sports – a car that can run on both biofuel and regular petrol and produces up to 621bhp and a stonking 800nm of torque. Although finding biofuel in this region might be tricky.

2009 Bentley Continental GT

Interior specifications are, as you would expect, simply beautiful; this is a Bentley after all, and every Bentley must deliver to the owner the very best in interior luxury. And of course, the GT is as safe as such a powerful car can be, with the biggest, computer-assisted brakes around and a full selection of airbags and stability controls; and that’s the beauty of this beast.

As well as the coupe version, a GT – called the GTC – is also on sale in both regular and Speed versions.


Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 950,000 onwards


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