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This revised, second generation is a much sharper car than the previous model, retaining its overall look and shape, but banishing some of the curves in favour of some altogether sharper lines.

The original car was met with much overall praise for its styling (the handling was less impressive), but then once the car had ‘worn-in’ with the public for a while, some started to criticize the overtly curvy original as perhaps exuding a little too much feminine charm. But, the new sharper, harder TT deals with these issues with ease.

The new TT still retains that all-important 2+2 charm, with the roll-over hoops behind the seats (with the ), a rounded front and rear end and rectangular-shaped front and rear lights – however, the rest of the TT’s style has been bought up to date all round, and that more modern look has also removed some of the original car’s softness of character.

2009 Audi TT

Strong style is all-important to the average TT buyer, so have made sure that the new generation of car still shouts ‘TT-look-at-me!’. It’s available in both coupe and convertible forms.

The chassis has been improved greatly, based as it is, a the MK5 Golf chassis; the newer VAG chassis being generally better overall, and at last these decent underpinnings have filtered down to the TT. You will now enjoy the proper kind of driving dynamics that you have every right to expect from a quality coupe.

The engine is still at the front, and drives the front wheels, which isn’t totally ideal, but a good front-wheel-drive car can still be a great drive. There is also the option of the Audi Quattro all-wheel-drive system with the TT, but that may take away a little fun, rather than adding to it.

2009 Audi TT

There is the choice of a 2.0-litre four-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine or the 3.2-litre, V6, non-turbo petrol motor, with the turbocharged unit making nearly as much torque as the V6, thanks to the extra low-rev torque that turbocharging produces – you also get that addictive ‘whooshing’ soundtrack with a turbo, something that will add a great deal to your TT drive, especially if you have the drop-top to really hear the engine at full power.

This sharper, tougher TT gets all the electronic safety assistance available in modern cars, including ABS (anti-lock brakes) and stability controls. There are airbags throughout and very stiff A-pillars and rear rollover bars in the convertible, should the unthinkable actually happen. Just like the previous incarnation, the driver and their lucky passenger are treated to a wonderfully sporting coupe interior that can only add an air of luxury to any mountain drive.

2009 Audi TT

Again with Audi, even though this car is a little selfish in terms of seating and luggage capacity, and as a convertible even more restrictive; you can still use the TT everyday without it missing a beat, a well-known fact that is continues to boost the Audi brand world-wide.


Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED): 149,000-185,000

* Prices are indicative and may vary at the time of purchase. All prices are ex-Dubai showrooms. Please check with your local dealer for current prices and offers.


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