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The A8 is the biggest and most luxurious car in the fleet and in its stretched wheelbase form it is knocking on the door of full-on limos in terms of pure comfort, especially for those lucky enough to be riding in the back.

The all aluminum luxury saloon is lighter, stiffer and sturdier than its steel-made rivals, and as such enjoys a relatively lively performance given it massive overall size.

Thanks to that lightweight body and chassis, any engine and suspension applications can only work better and more efficiently – basically, the engine and suspension set-ups found within the A8 are not weighed-down by outdated and heavy steel body and chassis work. And all of this delivers an interesting and sporting driving dynamic that belies its overall size.

2009 Audi A8

Engine choice is wide with the A8, and most of the engine offerings from Audi will return a respectable level of performance, and thanks to modern design and manufacturing techniques, will also show fairly decent fuel economy figures, again made possible by the car’s reduced weight.

The 4.2-litre, V8 petrol engine is a good choice for this car, making 350bhp and 440Nm of torque, and it’s the V8 torque that wafts the big A8 along with effortless ease. Then again, if you really want to float on air whilst enjoying the delicious howl of a V12 engine, then the six-litre will be the power-plant of choice for you. There will be 450bhp on tap, as well as an incredible 580Nm of torque – the sort of pulling power that will have you well into the triple speedo figures in little more than a blink on an eye. And generally, for buyers at this level, they will be looking for the best of everything in the A8, and the top spec V12 offers everything you could want from an engine, and everything you could possibly need and enjoy from an interior.

2009 Audi A8

Trademark Audi craftsmanship is entirely evident throughout the A8 interior, with acres of leather and wood, and as much rear seat legroom as can be found in any full-size saloon. Even bespoke car interior makers would struggle to match the opulence and attention to detail as found in the A8, with a high quality, solid feel that never fails to impress, no matter how many times you see it.

2009 Audi A8

Outside the car is less visually impressive, but bear in mind that when it comes to Audis at this size and price, its very much all about understated style and delivering the passengers in the highest state of relaxation and repose. It’s still undoubtedly an Audi with that large, square trademark front grille followed-on by long and deep side metalwork and a tidy, uncluttered rear; the A8 just doesn’t feel the need to shout about it.


Body typeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 245,000 onwards


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