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The could be seen to be the bigger brother of the smaller 3, sharing as it does, much of the same curving and rounded design flare of its smaller sibling, as well as much of the enjoyable driving attributes, too.

The funky Mazda6 is one of the best midsize sedans on the market today, but whether that will translate to solid sales in the Middle East remains to be seen, as Mazda has had, until recently, a strange tendency to offer the very basics of their model range in this region, which seemed a little odd, as it is generally the hotter end of the model range that sparks buyer’s interest in the more normal cars. The basic model Mazda6 still offers some great handling and on-road fun, and now the 3.7-litre V6 version, the Mazda6 Ultra, has been introduced alongside the 2.0-litre and the 2.5. This gives buyers a choice of 150, 186 or 272bhp.

2009 Mazda6

It’s clear that this Japanese auto-maker has put a lot of thought into making a midsizer that not only delivers on all the practical elements that this segment demands, but also doesn’t forget about the fun side of life, too. The Mazda trademark smiling front grille is there, asking you to enjoy the car, and along with the bugling front wheel arches that seem to look a lot like a pair of ‘cheeky chubby cheeks’, the whole front end of the 6 is one of friendly ‘drive me’ invitation. And as the curves continue all the way to a clean and uncluttered rear end, you end up with a sedan that is modern, sporty, and that little bit different to look at.

There is also a dash of the sports-focused Mazda RX8 sprinkled within the 6, something that can only bolster the 6’s appeal amongst more performance-oriented car lovers.

2009 Mazda6

And building on the strength of the last 6 incarnation, Mazda had redesigned the car for , so if you want the freshest car from Mazda, then the 6 could be a good place to start looking. In keeping with the current Mazda design tradition the new 6 is a little kooky and that’s what their owners like about their cars the most – there is that kooky character, but the driving, technology and fun factor are always well delivered, too. You could probably say that the 6 is one of the very best driver’s cars in its class, but startlingly it also delivers on the substance.

The interior space is large and light and airy, and also very well equipped at a more than competitive price, while the seating is of a fine quality and all of the touch surfaces and fit and finish also come across as among the best in the class.

2009 Mazda6

Mazda have always broken the mould with their cars, but in a subtle way, that perhaps some potential customers miss altogether. But, there are also some customers that cannot resist the Mazda charm; could you be one of them?



Body TypeEngine (litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED) 64,800–102,000


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