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The Landaulet could well be the perfect car for the more ostentatious delivering, as it does, absolutely everything, that the ultra-wealthy heart can desire. A vast, expansive tarmac footprint, incredible cruising power, a truly breath-taking interior experience and, of course, the very highest levels of exclusivity.

The luxury Maybach brand was revived by Mercedes-Benz; based on the theory that even the very top end of Mercedes-Benz buyers would baulk at the unbelievable cost of the mega-money Maybachs. If the cost of these enormous Maybachs offends you, then you probably could not afford one anyway.

The front end on display with the Landaulet shows-off its Mercedes-Benz DNA with twin headlights either side of a large and stately-looking ‘gate’ of a front grille; finished in chrome (what else!) and topped-off with a very Merc-esque bonnet badge, raised on a small stalk. But while they do share a family resemblance, even the classiest of the very classy Mercedes family line would look distinctly common next to the Landaulet.

2009 Maybach LandauletThe rest of the bodylines are classic limousine, with lots of chrome trim and long expanses of crafted metalwork. It basically goes; vast bonnet, huge cabin area and cavernous bonnet, all finished by the finest craftsmen, all towed behind a apocalyptic power-plant.

The 6-litre, V12, twin-turbo petrol engine underneath the hood is one of those ultra-engines from Mercedes-Benz that truly beggars belief, with figures and performance to really scare yourself and your accountant. Some 612bhp and 1000Nm of torque is what it takes to get this beautiful beast on the move. As such, the Landaulet is rather quick and sprightly for its size; that huge engine working in sync with some clever, computer-controlled transmission and suspension systems that somehow harness all that world-ending energy into a drivable road package. Thrusting the throttle pedal to the stop is like setting off a bomb; a very satisfying bomb.



2009 Maybach LandauletBut, you won’t hear a bit of it from inside that insulated cabin; all you will notice is the world accelerating very quickly past your window with the slightest of whispers from the passing air and rushing road. The choice is yours when it comes to the levels of interior luxury; from very high to nearly ridiculous, such is the bespoke design of every Landaulet interior and focused input of each individual owner, that you would be hard-pushed to find two the same. All you will find in common with each interior is the very finest of leather, metal and wood finishes and a handcrafted feel that only the select handful of top-end automotive specialists can match. Truly a palace on wheels.




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