‘Safe Kids Buckle Up’ Campaign Launched In The UAE

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Motors in association with ’s National Transport Authority has
launched a major nationwide safety initiative on use of child seats
in cars. The main objective of the ‘Safe Kids Buckle Up’ campaign is
to create understanding and impart awareness of the issues
surrounding child passenger safety in the UAE which currently has the
highest rate of road deaths in the World.

to a 2008 report from Safe Kids Worldwide (creator of the Safe Kids
Buckle Up campaign), the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and
Roadway Transportation and Traffic Safety Research in the UAE,
between 2000 and 2006 there were an alarming 460 traffic deaths
reported among children less than 14 years olds in the UAE. The
report also indicated that two-thirds of the deaths were of infants
and toddlers less than 4 years old.

the media at the campaign’s launch event yesterday in Dubai, David
Bennet, Chief Advancement Officer for Safe Kids Wordwide said, ‘Road
traffic injuries are a growing danger and are projected to be the
third leading cause of death and disability to children worldwide by
2020’. The Safe Kids Buckle Up initiative will focus on encouraging
the use of child car seats, educating parents on the dangers of
leaving children unrestrained in cars and advocating for quality
child safety seats.



at the launch included Fadi Ghosn, Marketing Director, GM Middle east
Operations, Engineer Ebtisam Al Kaaiti from UAE national Transport
Authority, Dr Ayman Abu Laban, UNICEF Representative for the Gulf
Area Office and GM’s Middle East Regional PR & Communications
Manager Saada Hammad.

campaigns through newspapers, television channels, magazines, on line
media as well as outdoor media to drive the message across to the
public are also part of the exercise. Roadshows are also planned and
is expected to kick-off from 6 November visiting major shopping

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