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The weighs in as the heavyweight in the luxury SUV world, and unlike many other top of the range SUVs, the LX can actually hold its own on the sort of rough stuff that would see many of the less serious ‘earth-movers’ tranded. And the amazing thing about the LX is that it can brawl all day through the desert whilst still delivering you in the lap of luxury at the end of your excursion.

Based heavily on the every-popular Toyota Land Cruiser, it is from the proven Land Cruiser that the LX gets its off-road experience and prowess, and all with a little more luxury sprinkled throughout. While there is undoubtedly a fair few hints at the LX’s Toyota DNA, that isn’t such a bad thing in this instance, as the Land Cruiser is truly revered in the Middle East. The LX gets a more modern-looking, slightly more bling bling front end and grille design, with generally more chrome and a more up market look than the utilitarian design of the Land Cruiser. You will find more chrome touches throughout the LX bodylines, something that tells consumers that there is a greater cost attached to buying the LX over the Land Cruiser, in turn putting the LX into the more prestige brackets, whilst keeping it tough enough to be a viable purchase for those that might like to drive through the sand.

The interior within the LX is completely different to that of the Land Cruiser also. OK, so the space it must take up is the same but the engineers got to redesign it in such as way as to keep things quite hard-wearing and rugged, but also give them the kind of opulence that the Lexus brand has become famous for. This really is a full luxury version of the Land Cruiser and an ideal offering in the Middle East markets. Basically, all the power and off-road prowess of the Land Cruiser, but wrapped around one of the finest luxury leather and wood interiors you can find anywhere. Just make sure you take your dirty shoes off before climbing inside! There’s spacious seating for seven and features such as ventilated front seats, power-folding third-row seating, sunroof, navigation, Mark Levinson CD/DVD/radio stereo, front rear and side-view cameras and all the usual powered goodies.

Like many of the big Lexus cars, the LX is powered by a big and smooth V8 petrol engine, in this case a lusty 5.7-litre variant, which puts the power down through a six-speed automatic transmission. And at 362bhp and 530Nm of torque, that is not an unsubstantial amount of power to handle, and certainly more than enough to pull the LX over, or indeed through, almost anything. The full-time all-wheel drive features a two-speed transfer case (high and low gearing for on and off the road), a central differential and a crawl-control feature mode that gentle pulls the car through the rough stuff. The active safety features within the LX include stability control (ESP), ABS (anti-lock) brakes and traction control, as well as multiple airbags throughout the cabin. The LX can be as wild or comfortable as you choose, with all the luxury, power and safety to back it up.



2009 Lexus LX5702009 Lexus LX570

Body TypeEngine (Litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission


Price Range (AED): 330,000


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