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The XC70 is a station wagon with a difference! Featuring electronically controlled All-Wheel Drive, it has the ability to make its way on very poor roads, even when towing a horse-box or boat trailer. The XC clearly stands for ‘Cross Country’ but the XC70 is a very different vehicle from the XC90. Here is a solid station wagon built with all the thought you would expect from a company with ’s safety record.

Every vulnerable area, the wheel arches, front and rear fenders are protected by a polyplastic cover.  There will be no unsightly dings, dents and scratches on this vehicle, even during serious off-roading.

Look out also for serious levels of comfort and features like parking sensors that make the whole driving experience easier.

It has much in common with the Volvo V70, with a gently rounded nose section, a roof line that extends straight all the way to the rear of the car and an abrupt tail section. However, the higher ground clearance, larger tyres and specially designed panels and protective shields give the XC model a tough profile all its own. The grille too is unique to the .

Volvo’s safety is legendary and the XC70 enjoys all of the enhanced protective and preventative measures that you will find at the top end of every model range.

The engines in the Volvo XC70 are five-cylinder, transversely installed in-line units. The engine range encompasses two units – both petrol-driven  including one with a light-pressure turbo.

The chassis, with spring struts at the front and Multilink axle at the rear, is set up for stable, reassuring driving manners and alert steering response. An active chassis with advanced Four-C technology is available as an option. With this system, the chassis settings are adjusted automatically to suit the current driving conditions, thus improving both handling and ride comfort.

Body Type4X4
Price (in AED)144,000
Engine (litre)2.42.5
Power (bhp)185210
Torque (Nm)400320

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