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The market launch of the new version of VW’s top-seller took place at the end of November 2006. The Touareg, equipped with over 2,300 redesigned parts, looks different from its predecessor with a completely modified front section with crest radiator grill, distinctive headlights and much more. In addition, a substantial amount of new and sometimes unique technical developments are being employed. The Touareg will also be available as the first with an eight cylinder direct injection gasoline-powered engine (V8 FSI, 350 bhp).

Safety is the key word in new technologies…. ABSplus, developed and patented by Volkswagen, is a world first and shortens the braking distance of the Touareg by up to 20% on loose driving surfaces. Before now SUVs became unstable when braking hard on surfaces such as gravel or sand and steerability and stopping distance were significantly impaired. Thanks to an innovative traction control system the Touareg pushes parts of the surface material in front of the temporarily locked-up wheels. This creates a type of braking wedge. The result: Braking action is greatly increased without impacting steerability and the stopping distance is correspondingly reduced. ABSplus, Front Scan, Side Scan, ESP innovations, Dynamic Response and Rollover Sensor are further safety improvements you may like to consider.

High-end in the entertainment area, too, the Touareg is the first SUV in the world that can be equipped with a sound system from Danish hi-fi specialist Dynaudio. Main features include distortion free hi-fidelity sound, ten high-end speakers, ten-channel amplifier and 620 Watt total output. A new multimeter for the multifunctional display enables a detailed and now multicolor presentation of information. The display has a clear layout and now shows navigation pictograms in 3D.

Body Type4X4
Price (in AED)150,000 onwards
Engine (litre)
Power (bhp)220350420
Torque (Nm)305440550

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